International PhD Programme

“Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development”



01 November 2018 

The Programme welcomes five new PhD students starting their PhD studies on November 1th, 2018:

Valentina Pauna (USA)

Oleksandr Galychyn (Ukraine)

Aymen Sawassi (Tunisian)

Fabiana Di Ciaccio (Italian) 


01 March 2018 

Prof. Pier Paolo Franzese has been appointed in a international panel of experts set up by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation to support the development of a strategic project of national relevance titled "Wild Nature of Russia: To save and To See”.

The Project will be coordinated by the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects under the President of the Russian Federation.


25 February 2018 

Signed a new international agreement between Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland) and Parthenope University (Italy).

The bilateral agreement will support the scientific collaboration in the framework of the International PhD Programme “Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development".

The persons in charge for this bilateral agreement are Prof. Pier Paolo Franzese for Parthenope University and Prof. Agnieszka Piernik for NCU.

For more information please visit the web page: 


20 February 2018 

Published by the Italian Ministry of Environment the Second Report on the State of Natural Capital in Italy.

Prof. Giovanni Russo (member of the Italian Natural Capital Committee) and Prof. Pier Paolo Franzese - together with researchers of the Lab of Ecodynamics and Sustainable Development at Parthenope University - contributed to writing both the 1st and this 2nd report providing a picture at national level on the state of natural capital in Italy.

Download the reports here: 


04 November 2017 

Special Issues 

New Virtual Special Issue of Ecological Modelling (Elsevier)

Title: Modelling Matter and Energy Flows in the Biosphere and Human Economy


New special issue of Ecological Questions (NCU, Torun, Poland)

Title: Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Global Change


New special issue of Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management (JEAM)

Title: Environmental quality and management 


02 November 2017 

The article "Integrating natural capital assessment and marine spatial planning: A case study in the Mediterranean sea” published by Flavio Picone et al. in Ecological Modelling has been selected as an example of “good practice” by the European Maritime Spatial Planning Platform of the EU Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.


01 November 2017 

The Programme welcomes four new PhD students starting their PhD studies on November 1th, 2017:

Renato Liguori (Italian)

Simona Schiavo (Italian)

Remo Santagata (Italian)

Somaya Naser el Deen (Lebanese)

Giampiero Le Guyader (Italian)